Rental Information

The Aleza Field Education Centre is designed to facilitate field events and courses in nature study or natural resource and environmental management, and to host meetings, retreats, training, school field trips, and related community events in a quiet and rustic setting. The Field Centre is a day- and evening-use environmental learning centre, comfortable sheltered classroom, gathering place, and organizational hub for educational and community events and meetings at the Aleza Lake Research Forest. The centre can also provide some overnight accommodations and shelter for approved field researchers and visitor groups.

2020 Rental Rates

Renter Category

Short-Use Rental
(3 hours or less)

Half Day Rental
(3 to 5 hours)
Full Day Rental
(5 to 10 hours)

Education and Community Rentals

  • UNBC and affiliated groups
  • Educational Institutions
  • Community Groups
  • Registered Not-for-profit societies
$ 40. per hour $ 140. per rental $ 180. per rental

Business, Government, or
Private Rentals

$ 60. per hour $ 215. per rental $ 275. per rental

             *overnight rentals can also be arranged

Renters, please note:
      Goods and Services Tax (GST) is applicable to all of the above rates, and additional services.
      Partial hours will be rounded up to the next full hour.
      For other rental arrangements, multi-day rentals, or overnight use, please contact the Aleza Lake Research Forest Society.

Additional Services

Food and Drink

Services range from simply providing bottled water, ensuring you have the equipment you need to make a good meal (e.g. simple stove or BBQ), or coordination of catering services.

Power and Presentation

The Field Education Centre is an off-grid facility however some groups need to have power for their activities.  A small and quiet generator can be brought to the site.  


Talk to use about interpretive tour options.  Our forest ecologists enjoy leading walks through the woods.  Or take some samples back to the building for closer investigation under microscopes.  


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